Structured cabling

Information at maximum speed

The main reason for explaining the usefulness of structured cabling is represented by the coverage of both telephony and data networks in one range. USS provides these equipments, with the essential advantage of ensuring extreme flexibility.

The advantages of structured cabling: efficiency, economy, comfort

Practically speaking, once the positions of the computers and phones is changed, the system substitutes any supplemental work. To this, add the advantage of using the same cable type for data and voice transmissions, and the standardization of the accessories “patch panel”, "patch cord", prize and so on. The user plug is interchangeable between data and voice flows, due to the procedure called “patching”, allowing a fast and easy configuration even in the case of modifying
the work stations.

Besides the advantages emphasized above, the equipments proposed by USS facilitate the speed increase of the data in the respective network, as well as the use of the INTERNET network with increased capacity and at higher speeds for data acquisition.