Fully integrated security systems, warranty and technical support

When you need a top quality security system, coming to USS is the best choice. We specialize in providing reliable, high-quality solutions, while permanently adapting to the requirements of each specific project.

More security, less stress

Our experience and the proficient cooperation with our partners and customers confirmed the goal we set for ourselves when entering the security systems market: to provide quality, promptitude and professionalism in a field where the least significant deficiency makes the difference between wining and losing. Our customers know from experience that we are there for them anytime, and that the security systems we provide are top of the shelf in their respective category.

Therefore, through our services, we aim to add more comfort to your life style, protecting your property and contribution to tour peace of mind.

Count on us, the same as we count on the quality equipments we provide, to which we add professional technical support.

About us

Universal Security Systems (USS) has been established in the year 2000 and is specialized in designing, installing and maintaining complex security systems. [more]


In our portfolio we gathered clients from all domains of activities: supermarkets, commercial centers, hotels, multinational companies buildings, banks, embasys and governement buildings. [more]


USS Securitate has these authorisations and certifications: Police certificate, Fire department authorization and ISO certificate 9001/2001 quality certificate. [more]


Do you want to join USS team? We are waiting for an experimented, trustworthy and flexible person, willing to work in very dynamic environment! [more]