Automation of gates and garage doors

Open Sesame!

The automation systems for gates and garage doors increase your comfort and save your precious time. When you get home in your car, you can make this test, and count the time for these steps:

1) stop the car; 2) get out of the car; 3) go to the gate; 4) open the gate 5) go back to the car; 6) get back into the car; 7) drive into the courtyard; 8) stop the car again; 9) get out of the car; 10) go back to the gate; 11) close the gate; 12) go back to the car to get your things.

This scenario will repeat each time you go out or come back home with the car, each and every day. Duplicate it for the garage access. This is wasted time; all this long sequence of operations can be avoided and replaced with a simple gesture of pressing a button.