Control access systems

MOTTO: Let in only friends!

It has become a necessity in the last years to control the personnel access in certain areas, especially in multi department companies with sensitive areas (banks, technology research and development etc).

Integrating such system with a burglary detection and alarm system increases the safety of a business and eliminates the errors (on purpose or accidentally) of people monitoring personnel activity.

USS proposes – depending on configuration - simple (stand alone) systems up to complex multi point access with special readers (biometric finger print or iris reader).

The advantages such system offers :

  • People oriented access : precise designation of the persons having access in a certain area and prevent access of unauthorized personnel;
  • Time oriented access : precise time allowance of personnel in a specific area ;
  • History log : permits monitoring the time a person spends in sensitive areas ;

Benefit from USS expertise to keep your business under control !