Audio and video entry systems

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According to the new standards of life and based on a realistic evaluation of the risks involved by any property, the irreversible option the civilization came to was  the controlled access into the buildings, performed through an audio or  video entry system. The diversity of models, as well as the modern touch they provide, the  audio and  video entry systems are suited to any kind of setting, adding comfort and truly enhancing the safety of its beneficiary.

When you need comfort and safety, the video entry system is the answer!

The advanced equipments provided by USS show applications adaptable to the needs of any user, starting with the usual audio entry systems and going up to the most complex digital video entry systems. The attractive design of the video entry system makes it a desired item in any setting, and the screen image is clear and covers the black and white and color ranges. Te obvious advantage of this system is its capacity of integrating all the communication and control functions of the telephone and the audio/video entry system.