About us

Universal Security Systems (USS) has been established in the year 2000 and is specialized in designing, installing and maintaining complex security systems.
Since the very beginning, our relation with the customers is based on a set of basic principles:

  • Explore and discover the customer’s needs;
  • Elaborate a complete and honest offer which, more than a simple estimate, will meet the customer’s needs and expectations;
  • Permanent and detailed communication with the customer, such that it will perceive the advantages of the offered solution;
  • Continuous technical training of USS employees;
  • Promotion of specialized equipment with a high degree of quality and performance.

The managers’ experience, along with earnestness and honesty in our relation with customers have led to a continuous increase of the number of projects and their complexity. USS had become an important player on the security systems market.

Have complete trust in USS, we will differentiate from our competitors because we offers what you need: PEACE OF MIND and SECURITY!